Why Choose Fairview Hospital?

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?


At Fairview hospital, we place at your disposal over two decades of rich and diverse professional experience in the management of varying healthcare challenges.We share an uncommon relationship with clients borne out of trust as a reliable go-to center for various health care problems that cut across Paediatric to Geriatric age groups, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, General and subspecialty Surgery as well as Internal Medicine.

Technology and Research

A prime strategy to which we must accord our success has been the continued reliance on proven technology and safe medicine. The emphasis here being “proven” and “safe”.
As medicine and the allied professions buoyed by technology continue to advance, sometimes the difference between success and a lack thereof in the management of an index case is being able to make the right call in today's maze of data and publications. Through the years, our diligence in this regard aided by robust clinical Experience has served us and our clients well.

Staff motivation and on the job training

We are able to achieve result through a rigorous quality control and assurance process that holds all our professionals to the highest level of work and ethical standard. But be assured that our humanity remains strong and intact as we bring love, empathy and compassion to the services we render.

Our doors are open round the clock.We look forward to having you, Come and be prepared to share your own testimony like many using Fairview Hospital have done over the years.

Our Mission

To provide quality healthcare guaranteed to ensure client satisfaction at a cost that is generally affordable.

Our Vision

We aim to be a trusted and an avowed Center of Excellence in Health-care delivery by leveraging on recent Technology and Expertise from a highly motivated and dedicated staff.

Core Values

Dependable Medical Practice that is Tested and Trusted. Applied Consistently and Conscientiously.